New TrakaWEB release - TrakaWEB v4.1.0


TrakaWEB v4.1.0 is now available for all partners and customers in APACMEA!

Please note: Before completing an upgrade of a Traka environment, please consult with your local Traka Engineer.


New Features

Improved User Experience and Responsive Web Pages

TrakaWEB v4.1.0 introduces new re-styled web pages to provide an enhanced user experience. The new UX is designed to improve application performance and page load times and removes 3rd party controls and components, assisting in the reduction of potential future security concerns.


New Traka Touch UI

In line with the release of the new TrakaWEB UI, the Traka Touch UI has been redesigned with a new style and colour scheme to enhance user experience. The new UI is designed to improve performance and provide a modern look and feel.

Item Pairing on Lockers

Further enhancements on Item Pairing for Key Cabinets (released in v3.16), the Item Pairing functionality is now available for lockers.


When a user requests a locker, the associated paired locker compartment opens automatically.


Temporary Deposit Locker Connectivity to TrakaWEB

The Temporary Deposit Lockers (TDL) feature on Traka Touch now supports full connectivity with Traka Web. This allows TDL systems to be fully administered from Traka Web.

TDL events are now synchronised with Traka Web and are visible in Activity Reports.

Note that for consistency with other Touch features, the TDL override permissions have been moved into the standard Touch User Roles screen. These will be migrated when Touch is upgraded.

The Deallocate button on Door Setup has now been removed. If the logged in user has the Deallocate Override permission, they will be able to select and deallocate the locker from the IKWIW screen.

Also as part of the release, support for standard lockers with mixed RFID and non-RFID positions has been improved.

Location Logging support for Random Return to Multiple Systems (RRMS) configuration

Traka Web has been updated to support the Location Logging feature for key cabinets configured for Random Return to Multiple Systems.


System Improvements

Enhanced Engine Security

We have enhanced security for connections to the Comms Engine and the Integration Engine. This release is incompatible with previous Integration Engines - minimum version required is 2.21.0. If you have an Integration Engine, you were previously not required to add the engine in TrakaWEB Admin from this release you are required otherwise the engine will not be able to communicate with the Business Engine.


Integrations and API Enhancements

No Longer using Hard Coded User Record for Connection to Business Engine

To improve product security, the Integration Engine will connect to the Business Engine with a different user record. This introduces a new dependency on adding an Integration Engine record to the Business Engine via the Traka Web Admin and resetting the credentials.

New API Endpoints available to perform a Remote User Login on a Traka system

A new endpoint has been added to the Business Engines integration service to allow the Integrations engine to request a remote user login.

New API Endpoints available to return real time status of Items

The API now has the functionality to retrieve the real time status of items in systems configured with the Real Time Update Service (RTUS) option. An endpoint is also available to query the items a user has based on the real time status.


Important Considerations

Upgrading from TrakaWEB v3 to v4

Due to the change in the TrakaWEB UI and a slight change in the installation and upgrade process between TrakaWEB v3 and TrakaWEB v4, it is recommended that you consult with a Traka Engineer before completing any upgrades.

Consideration should be made to undertake training in the new TrakaWEB UI to bring you up to speed on the latest features and functionality.


Technical Support

If you require technical consultation or support during the implementation or upgrade to TrakaWEB v4.1.0, please contact your local Traka representative.

Traka Africa

Service desk:

Phone: +27 10 346 1870



Traka Asia

Service desk:

Phone: +65 6983 0940



Traka Middle East

Service desk:

Phone: +971 508939722



Traka Oceania

Service desk:

Phone: +61 1800 666 110


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