New Traka Gallagher Integration release - v4.0.0

This Traka Gallagher integration release contains additional functionality, enhancements, and an updated certification for currently supported TrakaWEB and Gallagher Command Centre versions. For detailed information on updated certificate and requirements, please refer to the official associated integration documentation (UD0244 and UD 0245).

New Functionality
  • Real-time cardholder and access group synchronisation
  • Gallagher secure user authentication, which includes:
    • Ability for readers to be directly connected to Gallagher Controller for cardholder authentication
    • Compatibility with any credential supported by Gallagher
    • Support for multiple credentials for a single cardholder
  • Traka Common Item Access Group import and mapping (Random Return Multiple System only)
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Updated module installation path
  • Fix for Gallagher module not re-registering in Traka Monitor
  • Tracking and management of Access Group FROM and UNTIL dates for user access
  • Email notifications for integration service status
  • Ability to send exception (integration services cannot be contacted) notifications to an external webhook
Technical Specification
Supported PlatformsWindows 10
Windows 11
Windows Server 2019+
Windows SQL Server 2019+

Traka ComponentsTrakaWEB v4.1, v4.2

Gallagher Command Centre ComponentsSupported Gallagher Command Centre versions: 8.80, 8.90, 9.00
Gallagher REST Cardholders (licensed feature)
Gallagher REST CreateEvents (licensed feature)
Gallagher REST Events (licensed feature)
Gallagher REST API Client Certificate (optional)

PrerequisitesAdditional to the above prerequisites, the following is also required on the Traka Application and Gallagher Command Centre Servers:

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8

Where to download the latest Integration?
Download the Traka Gallagher Integration v4.0.0 from the Traka Knowledge Base: