New TrakaWEB release - TrakaWEB v4.3.1


TrakaWEB v4.3.1 is now available for all partners and customers in APACMEA!
Alongside this release of TrakaWEB, a new version of the Traka Touch application and Traka Touch application have been released. If upgrading your environment to TrakaWEB v4.3.1, both the Traka Touch application and Integration Engine must be upgraded to the following versions:
  • Traka Integration Engine – v2.23.0000
  • Traka Touch Application – v3.6.1
Please note: Before completing an upgrade of a Traka environment, please consult with your local Traka Engineer.

New Features

Exchange of Custody Lockers

This new cost option feature for non-RFID lockers enables you to control the secure exchange of used hard drives that are destined for erasure and disposal by contracted third-party specialist organisations.

This solution ensures that these used hard drives are secure and cannot fall into the wrong hands between their decommissioning and their final disposal.

Basic Authentication Password Complexity

Enables customers to set up TrakaWEB to adhere to Corporate or internal IT policies for strong passwords.

This new functionality significantly enhances individual password security and gives customers reassurance that they can adopt and enforce their standard policies for system access control within TrakaWEB.

Left & Right 5-way Receptor Strip Support

This feature allows 5-Way Receptor Strips to be used in Traka Touch Pro S and L cabinets.

This change was made to support the need for management of exceptionally large keysets, typically found when managing older buildings or more complex infrastructure (e.g., hospitals and mental health facilities, prisons, mining and utility sites).

Left & right 5-way Receptor Strips cannot be installed alongside 10 or 20-way receptor strips in Traka Touch key cabinets.

Locker Availability Indicator

This new functionality allows the addition of a beacon or strobe light to any Traka Touch locker system to provide a highly visual external indication that there are either items available or not from a specific locker.

This helps maximize efficiency and eliminate the time wasted in approaching a locker to retrieve an item only to find out none are available.

This is essential in large workspaces, such as warehouses and distribution centers, where every second counts in terms of productivity and there are large distances involved; this visual indication will save users approaching lockers that are empty.

Japanese Romaji Keyboard Support

This new functionality sees the adoption of the Romaji keyboard for users who select the Japanese language within Traka Touch.

This change makes the use of Traka Touch more accessible to Japanese users.

System Improvements

Disallowing Booking of Faulty Items

When using the Item Booking feature in conjunction with Fault Logging, it now checks the fault status of the Items being requested by the booking.
Any Items identified with critical faults will now be excluded from the Item Booking process.
This prevents Users from reserving and gaining access to Items that may have serious issues or need repair or replacement before they should be used.
This prevents accidents or incidents and ensures Users only book Items that are in good working order, saving time and ensuring User, Item, and data safety.

Integrations and API Enhancements

Controlling API Access

Added the ability in the Integration Engine to turn on/off the Integration Engine API endpoints, with the default of APIs being turned off in a fresh IE installation.
This facility increases security for customers who do not leverage the Integration REST API but are using the Integration Engine for Real Time Update Service, or customers wishing to prevent access to call APIs until further configuration is carried out. 

SSL/TLS Transport Encryption by Default

The default for installations of the Integration Engine will be 'SSL enabled' to encourage the use of encryption.
This option aligns with our best practice recommendation for data transfers between the Integration Engine and TrakaWEB being encrypted, ensuring that communications are only based upon the certificate trusted chain.

Biometric Template property added in User Model

A new property has been added to the User object returned by the API, allowing for the retrieval of a user’s PCOMP2 biometric data.

Important Considerations

Upgrading from TrakaWEB v3 to v4
Due to the change in the TrakaWEB UI and a slight change in the installation and upgrade process between TrakaWEB v3 and TrakaWEB v4, it is recommended that you consult with a Traka Engineer before completing any upgrades.
Consideration should be made to undertake training in the new TrakaWEB UI to bring you up to speed on the latest features and functionality.


Technical Support

If you require technical consultation or support during the implementation or upgrade to TrakaWEB v4.3.1, please contact your local Traka representative.

Traka Africa

Service desk: 
Phone: +27 10 346 1870

Traka Asia

Service desk:
Phone: +65 6983 0940

Traka Middle East

Service desk:     
Phone: +971 508939722

Traka Oceania

Service desk: 
Phone: +61 1800 666 110